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Roll Forming Line

Roll Forming Line

We design, produce and supple the complete Roll Forming Machines, in any design, according to customer requirements. All part of the Roll Forming line, are manufactures in our facility from A to Z. Starting from the Decoiler and Feeder up toe the Roll forming rollers are can be controlled from one point. The system is controlled by Schneider PLC system, designed in any language, requested by the customer.

Control System

We use SCHNEIDER LEXIUM and SCHNEIDER ALTIVAR series speed control systems in our Roll Forming Lines due to their aesthetic, usable and qualified structure.

Roll Forming Line includes:

  • Decoiler (Uncoiler)
  • Coil Straightener
  • Coil Loading Car
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Hydraulic / Mechanical Press
  • Guillotine
  • Automatic Stacking Unit

Technical Details

The Roll Forming lines are equipped with 2 pieces 11 kw motor-reducer, which run the system. The cooling system is blocking the heat in the roll forming line. All rollers are made of 4140 material (58-60 Rockwell hardness).

Roll forming line and rollformer machine from Turkey

Roll Forming Line Products

Our Roll Forming Machines are capable to work both with the coiled strip and precut lengths. It most often consists of a decoiler (uncoiler), roll forming machine, cutoff machine and run-out table.

Roll forming lines are appropriate solution for the production of different items like:

Videos of Servosteel Roll Forming Line