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Research & Development

Research & Development Works at Servosteel

Research of New Methods

Servosteel allocates a substantial budget and time for the research and development works from its first day. The main issue is the research of the new methods to minimize the production cost especially in the automated machinery.

Nowadays the coil sheet metal handling equipment should be precise, because the end product always is expected to be within tolerances. From the other side, the newly invented machines should be cost-effective, as the investors always wish to minimize the initial  investment.

Servosteel Research & Development Team is working on those points to find new production methods, in order to make the machines more precise and more cost-effective. As a result, every year we can offer newly developed machines to our customers.

Improving The Technology

Approximately 50-60 years ago the automation systems did not exist and the machines are used with human powers mostly. Time has passed, and first the mechanical systems, then the hydraulic systems started to be used in machinery sectors. Afterwards, the pneumatic and servo systems are included to the classical machinery concepts.

Today, we offer plenty of systems starting from mechanical and hydraulic decoilers (uncoilers) to servo feeders. Our research and development department is working on different systems to improve the current technology and as a result, we can provide double head decoilers, horizontal decoilers, uncoilers with conical mandrel etc.

More Safety

The work safety is most important issue for all businesses and it is expected to be the No 1 point in metal forming industry, too. Especially, in last years, plenty of safety features became obligatory in all machines and that is the must for CE certificate, as well. In addition to classical safety features like as the double hand button (to impose the operator to use both hands during the operation), light curtain (special censors to stop the process in case of intervention of human body), overload censor (to determine the extra-ordinary weight and stop the process), our research and development team researching new ways of safety.

Nowadays, our machines are equipped with emergency button, 24 hours surveillance, security circle around the machine, visual and sound alarm system, which provide the safe work on the line.