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Metal Roof Tile Production Line

Metal Roof Tile Production Line

We supply a complete Metal Roof Tile Production Line for the production of all types of metal roofing tiles including the aluminym roof tiles and stainless steel roof tiles. The metal roof tiles can be produced in the roll forming line which is consisting of the decoiler, straightener, feeder, roll forming machine, cutting machine and the stacking unit.

What is Metal Roof Tile

Roof Tiles are designed to protect the houses mainly from the cold, sun and rains. People started to use the roof tiles from the ancient time and different materials are used to produce the roof tiles. In last years the metal roof tiles became popular due to several advantages.

Metal Roof Tile Types

Aluminum Roof Tiles. Lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant, aluminum is a great option for almost any residential metal roofing system, including standing seam, shake, shingle, tile, and slate profiles.

Galvalume Steel Roof Tiles. Base carbon/iron steel coated with an alloy of aluminum and zinc is known as galvalume steel.

Galvanized Steel Roof Tiles. Because the traditional carbon/iron steel alloy is rust prone when exposed to the elements, steels used for the metal roofing industry are coated with a specific thickness of another metal or alloy on both sides of the base carbon/iron steel strip.

Copper Roof Tiles. Copper-roof-example-darkCopper is generally recognized as one of the most attractive metal roofing options.

Other Exotic Materials. There are other metals available for roofing as well including rolled zinc, stainless steel, terne-coated steel, terne-coated stainless, and titanium.

Metal Roof Tile from Turkey
Roof Tile Production Line Roll Forming Line
Steel Roof Tile Roll Forming Line
Aluminum Stainless Steel Roof Tile
Steel Metal Roof Tile Production
Metal Roof Tile Manufacturing Line Roll Forming

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