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Electrical Panel Production Line

Electrical Panel Production Line

We supply a complete Electrical Panel Production Line for the production of all types of electrical panels and distribution boards. The electrical panels or so called electric panels are produced of the steel plates or the steel coil material. The production of the electrical panel consisting of the roll forming line which includes the decoiler, straightener, feeder, roll forming machine, cutting machine and the stacking unit.

What is Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is the main part of the electricity supply system. The electric panel gets the electricity from the main source and distributes it into the subsidiary circuits. The usage of the electrical panels is quiet popular, as every house and premises has its contribution board. Every machinery supplied by Servosteel, also comes with the electrical panel.

The electrical panel is called also as a distribution board, panel board, breaker panel or electric panel.

Electrical Panel Production

The electrical panel is mostly produced from the steel or stainless steel. The The production starts with the hydraulic decoiler, where the coil is loaded as the start off material. Decoiler is uncoiling the coil and feeds to the Roll Forming Line via the straightener feeder. Roll Forming Line bends the edges of the electrical panels.

The next station is the Cut to Length Line, which cuts the steel in the pre-determined length. The main part of the line is the hydraulic press with the cutting dies. The line ends with the stacking unit for stacking the ready panels.

After the production of the panels, the operators fix the panels together manually to get ready boxes.

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